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Welcome to St Vincent de Paul Church, situated in Altenburg Gardens in Battersea. We are a Roman Catholic parish within the Archdiocese of Southwark, in the Wandsworth Deanery. Our Church was opened in 1907. The parish house is next door at 36 Altenburg Gardens. Although there is no parish school we have many families with children, who are educated at neighbouring Catholic Schools and others in the area. We try to be one community of faith. There are three Masses each Sunday, each with its own character: at 9 and 11 on Sunday mornings and at 6 o’clock on Sunday evenings. We do not have a Vigil Mass on Saturdays. We are a very diverse parish, and we rejoice in this. Some of us have been here for 50 years, but there is also quite a quick turnaround of people whose jobs (and visas) move them on. We have lots of young children (after all, Wandsworth and Clapham are known for the number of young families), most of whom come to the 11 o’clock Mass. We have also many young adult parishioners, and many of these seem to come on Sunday evening. The Sunday Mass is the heart of parish life when we hear the Word of God, join in the sacrifice of Christ, and receive the sacrament of His Body and Blood. We are nourished and we are challenged. We hope to get to know you. Do introduce yourselves to me or to my colleague Deacon Jon Dal Din. Take note of what's on, come to events. Please offer your talents, and make suggestions. Lots more could happen. For however long you are here, you belong with us, and we share the precious gift of faith. You, and your partner/family/friends, are most welcome. Monsignor Timothy Galligan
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